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The Value of Skylift Aviation Elearning


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Skylift Aviation GmbH adapts high-fidelity 3D simulation to e-learning content and other forms of interactive multimedia learning. We offer the industry continuous EASA / FAA compliant aviation training. Skylift e-learning programs are available anytime, anywhere and reduce training costs.

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

High Fidelity 3D Animated Content

Our e-learning solutions provide rich, comprehensive and detailed content. We offer courses that meet your needs and expectations in compliance with EASA/FAA.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Our platform complies with the latest industry standards and has an attractive design for connecting to the user-admin interface. Manage courses, supervise training progress and add your own training contents.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce your training costs. We offer you the most competitive pricing on the market. 

Online/Offline IOS App

Our training content works on every IOS device. Inspire your students by offering quality training on their tablet or laptop.

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Skylift Aviation GmbH - elearning


Skylift Aviation Training

Skylift Aviation GmbH  was founded in 2016, with the propose of replacing expensive, long and inefficient leader-led training with short, tactical e-learning applications that could be viewed any time at any place. Skylift Aviation GmbH launched the first programs and platform in January 2016 focusing on recurrent aviation trainings for pilots. State of the art 3D animated contents and a new customize able
easy-to-use platform are the main corner stones of the company. We offer all trainings as single-user license  as well as for companies or groups of users (including an admin account to assign contents and supervise the progress of your students. Check out our plans and pricing for a detail information or join our shop for single users. The range of trainings will continuously be extended. You can regularly check the progress of training development in the NEWS section. Skylift Aviation GmbH  offers also customized trainings on request. We will always be focused on creating contents that truly impact the aviation industry. Our trainings are fully compliant to EASA and FAA rules.

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Skylift Aviation GmbH is a privately held company located near the Vienna International Airport in Austria. Since 2016, Skylift Aviation provides superior aviation training solutions and customer service. All trainings are web-based available on our industry standard SCORM compliant LMS Platform as well as offline with our IOS iPad app. We continuously extent our training contents on customer needs.

Josefsplatz 6/102
1010 Vienna

+43 664 400 31 68

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