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Skylift Aviation works with approved 24/7 CAMO organizations and highly qualified engineers to provide worldwide airworthiness management. Our partners work fully independent and are highly professional in their scope of work. We take care about your aircraft serviceability all over the globe with our maintenance facility network, parts management and efficient AOG support. Contact us to find your perfect partner - supervised by Skylift Aviation.


  • Aircraft delivery and acceptance checks

  • Aircraft phase-in/out management

  • Establish and maintain Maintenance Programmes

  • Document and record-keeping

  • Monitoring of regulatory compliance

  • Monitoring of manufacturer documents, directives and bulletin

  • Establish and maintain Reliability Programmes

  • Establish and maintain Flight Data Monitoring Programmes

  • Assessment and reporting of damage and repairs

  • Component replacement and loan parts monitoring

  • Preparation of work packages for line and base maintenance

  • Contracted maintenance facility and slot coordination

  • Third-party contract management and quality assurance

  • Administer and maintain evidence-based airworthiness tools

  • Conduct periodical airworthiness reviews

  • 24/7 AOG support and parts acquisition

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