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Acquire or replace your aircraft with Skylift Aviation. We provide a worldwide network of partners and associates to find the perfect aircraft for you. Our demanding market research and marketing strategies provide the highest possible value for your asset. Skylift Aviation assist you to achieve business goals by managing all aspects of aircraft transaction and providing options all over the world. 


We trade or purchase your aircraft to the best price on the market with our qualified partners. Our marketing team will research and analyze the specific aircraft market continuously to take your aircraft into trade or provide a fair value for purchase.


No matter if you are interested in a new, or preowned aircraft we assist you through the entire process from initial evaluation of the most suitable aircraft all the way through to the final acceptance delivery and closing. Benefit from our international network and resources to acquire the right aircraft for the right price. We have unmatched access to manufacturer and inventory throughout the world.

Analysing Data


Our professional and qualified team of aviation experts properly evaluate your desired aircraft with an in-depth review of the maintenance/operational history and a thorough pre-purchase inspection or oversee the entire production and design process for new ordered aircraft until final acceptance and delivery. Our fair and timely evaluation keep you safe, minimize risks and protect your valuable investment.


We have the experience to ensure that the entry into service process runs smoothly and your expectations completely satisfied and achieved. Proper aircraft acceptance and delivery minimize additional costs and protect your investment before your first flight. Our professional team provides the project management, problem solving and maintains a close communication to keep you in the loop of the progress. We ensure that this important step of aircraft ownership takes place in a timely manner and to your greatest advantage. 

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