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Our consultancy projects focus on four core areas: proposition, targeting, marketing, and business planning. Alongside consultancy projects, Skylift Aviation can work with you on monthly basis to lead your new business process internally, ensuring progress is continuous and efforts deliver results.


Having the right expertise on your side when setting up your company is vital. Skylift Aviation offers a service that not only gets your company up and running but advises you of all your compliance requirements and remuneration strategies. With our qualified partners, we look at your long-term goals and make sure that you have your plans, documents, and structures in place to complete your mission. Our service includes:

  • Business Development,

  • Project Management,

  • Coordination with national authorities

  • Registering your company,

  • Application for your operating license,

  • Manual and document preparation,

  • Aircraft acquisition

  • Equipment procurement and system implementation,

  • Interim or permanent management service,

  • Personnel recruitment and training,

  • Tax and financial advice

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With experience in developing and delivering new business strategies, we can work with your team to develop a business development plan that will be realistic to implement and cut through the noise of your competitors. Following an exploratory session to learn about your current and past new business activities, we can work with you to identify which areas need addressing in order for a business development drive to be successful. We’ll ensure you’re maximizing the experience, talent, and assets already within your business as well as helping you to analyze and plan the resources that will grow up your business to the next level. We provide the following development services:

  • Business plan preparation

  • Contract preparation and assessment

  • Financial and insurance plans

  • Assistance in certification processes

  • Legal advice


Complex tasks, dynamic markets, rapid technological developments, and customers expecting a high level of service and professionalism. Skylift Aviation offers professional, sustainable, and effective project management and assists you in the implementation plans.

  • Management and organization of projects

  • Execution and controlling of projects

  • Implementation of industry standards

  • Preparation of implementation plans

  • Cost/benefit analysis

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Skylift Aviation has a network of highly qualified aviation managers with many years of experience in their scope of duties. Benefit from the short-term availability of highly qualified managers with mutual personality, high sovereignty, and seriousness. All managers work neutral in corporate policy and objectives without bias and status or power interest. We provide the following interim management posts on short-, and long-term contract.

  • Accountable Managers

  • Compliance Monitoring Managers

  • Quality Managers

  • Safety Management System Managers

  • Security Managers

  • Flight Operation Managers

  • Training Managers

  • Ground Operation Managers

  • Continuing Airworthiness Managers

  • Project Managers


Please also refer to our personnel recruitment section if you are interested in a permanent Contract Manager.

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