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Skylift Aviation GmbH adapts high-fidelity 3D simulation to e-learning content and other forms of interactive multimedia learning. Our courses include high quality 3D graphics and animations, digital images, on-screen text and audio narration. Each course have been designed to comply with SCORM guidelines to allow detailed tracking of training by our industry standard LMS. Trainings can be accessed online in standard web browsers or offline on our IOS iPad app available in the App Store.

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Recurrent Training

Skylift Aviation courses have been designed for initial and recurrent training for flight crews and other aviation personnel.  We offer the industry continuous ICAO, EASA, FAA, Transport Canada and other regulatory compliant training. All courses will be updated annually to adhere to current regulations. Skylift Aviation develops also contents out of the scope on customer request.

ADS / CPDLC / PBCS Basic Operation (FANS)

Adverse Weather Condition (AWC)

Africa Qualification Training (AFR)

Cold Weather Operation (CWO)

Controlled Flight Into Terrain incl. TAWS (CFIT/TAWS)

Cosmic Radiation (CRA)

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR)

Extended Range Twin Engine Operation (ETOPS)

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)

Hot Weather Operation (HOT)

Low Visibility Operation (LVO)

Medical & First Aid (MFA)

North Atlantic High - Level Airspace (NAT/HLA)

North Pacific & Polar Region (NOPAC/POL)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)


Route & Aerodrome Competence (RAC)

Safety Management System (SMS)

Security Awareness (SEC)

Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS)

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

High Altitude Operation (HIA)