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  • Is it possible to present my own courses on the Skylift LMS?
    Yes, you can customize the LMS with your own training contents additionally to the provided Skylift Aviation trainings.
  • Can I transfer the courses to any other LMS?
    No, the content is uploaded in Skylift's Aviation LMS, which cannot be exported into other LMS.
  • May I present the training contents in a class room?
    The modules are intended for individual use only. A presentation in a class room will conflict with the copyrights therefore, public presentations shall be avoided.
  • May I change the users within the training availability?
    No, every user has its unique activated license. Changing the users within the given timeframe is not possible.
  • Will a certificate be issued after sucsessful completion of the training?
    Yes, each training chapter contains questions to prepare for the final exam. If the examination was successfully (minimum 80%) completed, a standard Skylift Aviation certificate will be issued on the platform for download.
  • Is the content provided downloadable or available via CD/DVD?
    No, the content is only online (web-based) available with safari or standard internet explorer. Our offline app for Android and IOS is under development.
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