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Controlled Flight Into Terrain incl. TAWS (CFIT/TAWS)

Controlled Flight Into Terrain incl. TAWS (CFIT/TAWS)


Duration: 01:30 hour

Exam: 20 Questions

Available: 90 days


    The goal of this Controlled Flight Into Terrain Avoidance / Terrain Awareness Warning System Training (CFIT/TAWS) is to increase the ability of pilots to recognize and avoid situations that can lead Controlled Flights Into Terrain.  The successful ap­plicant should be thoroughly familiar with causing factors and the systems, which help to avoid CFIT accidents. 



    • General
    • Fundamentals
    • Risks
    • Factors
    • Case Studies
    • Prevention
    • Automation
    • CRM
    • Communication
    • Procedures
    • Technologies
    • TAWS
    • Surveillance
    • Terrain Avoidance
    • Alert Thresholds
    • Limitations
    • Inhibits

    • Flight Crew 
    • Dispatch
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