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Extended Range Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS)

Extended Range Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS)


Duration: 00:45 hour

Exam: 20 Questions

Available: 90 days


    After completion of the Extended Range Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS)course the successful applicant should be familiar with ETOPS operations, equipment and procedures. This course also covers the training requirements for operators who have been granted a diversion time up to 180 minutes without a specific ETOPS approval. The training emphasizes the development of all required skills and complies with EASA requirements.



    • Brief overview of the history of ETOPS             
    • ETOPS regulation
    • Definitions
    • Approved One-Engine-Inoperative Cruise Speed
    • ETOPS Type Design Approval 
    • Maximum approved diversion times and time-limited systems capability
    • Operator’s Approved Diversion Time
    • Routes and aerodromes intended to be used in the ETOPS area of operations
    • ETOPS Operations Approval
    • ETOPS Area and Routes
    • ETOPS en-route alternates aerodromes including all available let-down aids
    • Navigation systems accuracy, limitations and operating procedures
    • Meteorological facilities and availability of information
    • In-flight monitoring procedures
    • Computerized Flight Plan
    • Orientation charts, including low level planning charts and flight progress chart usage  (including position plotting) 
    • Equal Time Point 
    • Critical fuel
    • Flight planning and Dispatch
    • ETOPS Fuel requirements
    • Route Alternate selection - weather minimum
    • Minimum Equipment List – ETOPS specification
    • ETOPS service check and Tech log 
    • Pre-flight FMS
    • Flight performance progress monitoring 
    • Flight management, navigation and communication systems
    • Aeroplane system monitoring 
    • Weather monitoring 
    • In-flight fuel management to include independent cross checking of fuel quantity
    • Diversion Procedures and Diversion ‘decision making’
    • Degraded Meteorologial Conditions
    • Degraded Systems
    • Authority of the Commander

    • Flight Crew 
    • Dispatch
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