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North Atlantic / High Level Airspace (NAT/HLA)

North Atlantic / High Level Airspace (NAT/HLA)


Duration: 02:00 hours

Exam: 25 Questions

Available: 90 days


    This North Atlantic / High Level Airspace Training complies with EASA requirements and has to be completed by flight crew and dispatch before commencing a flight into the NAT airspace. The course covers all requirements according to the ICAO NORTH ATLANTIC OPERATIONS
    AND AIRSPACE MANUAL including relevant ADS/CPDLC procedures. Conducting of the general ADS/CPDLC course available in our store is highly recommended. The course can be used for initial and recurrent training.



    • NAT-HLA Area
    • Horizontal Extension
    • Vertical Extension
    • Organized Track System (OTS)
    • Random Routes
    • Alternates Routes
    • Mach Number Technique
    • Preplanning Routes and FL
    • ATC Flight Plan
    • In-Flight Procedures
    • Departure to Oceanic Entry Point
    • FIR Boundaries
    • Controlled Airspace
    • Advisory Airspace (Routes)
    • Required Equipment
    • Separation Criteria
    • ATC Reliability
    • Global Circulation (applied to the applicable route)
    • Wind Patterns and Jet Streams
    • Temperatures
    • Precipitation
    • Seasonal Variations
    • Preplanning and Fuel Computation
    • Final Planning
    • ATC Flight Plan
    • Airport Services
    • Performance requirements
    • Approaches and Obstacles
    • Local Weather
    • Local peculiarities
    • In flight re-planning
    • Pre-flight
    • National requirements
    • Frequencies
    • Special communication techniques
    • Principle of Long Range Operation
    • Sensor Limitations and Checks
    • Lat/Long handling
    • Cross points, patterns
    • Performance related Emergency action
    • Other emergencies
    • Nav System Degradation
    • Communication Failure
    • Loss of Navigation
    • Loss of NAT RVSM capability

    • Flight Crew
    • Dispatch
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