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Performance Based Navigation  (PBN)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)


Duration: 01:30 hour

Exam: 25 Questions

Available: 90 days


    This Performance Based Navigation (PBN) complies with EASA requirements and has to be completed by flight crew before commencing a flight in an airspace requiring basic-, and/or precision area navigation. The course covers a general knowledge of Area Navigation. RNAV/RNP (GNSS) Approaches are covered in a separate training available in our store. 



    • Theory of RNAV
    • Limitations
    • RNAV Path Terminator Concepts
    • Fly-by and Fly-over Waypoints
    • Flying the Procedure
    • GNSS/GPS
    • AHRS/IRS
    • Function and Precision
    • The implications for RNAV operations of System Malfunctions which are not RNAV related
    • Pre-Flight Check
    • Selection of Departure Route
    • Display of the flight Plan
    • Flying Standard Instrument Departures
    • Engine Out Standard Departure Route (EOSID)
    • Position Monitoring
    • Minimum Flight Altitudes
    • Transitions
    • Route Data
    • Flying the Standard Arrival Route (STAR)

    • Flight Crew 
    • Dispatch
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