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Learning Management System

LMS - Platform

A comprehensive training and compliance system.

Skylift Aviation's LMS platform is a web-based online solution to organize, lounge and track e-learning contents. It allows our customers to manage effectively user records, enrollments and learning status records to improved operational and training efficiency. Our LMS is compliant to the latest SCORM standard and supports industry standard desktop and mobile platforms. 

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Administration Function

Assign students, enroll courses or request an upload of your custom company contents and exams. Schedule trainings on the calendar or send 

messages  notifications and announcements.

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IOS - Application

The new native IOS app for iPads offer a best-of-class microlearning, micro-certification and offline learning experience, by combining Skylift's full-featured LMS engine with a streamlined, mobile-optimized,  

Download the "SLA Training App" now for free on the Apple App Store:


Training on the go

Skylift mobile makes eLearning on the go (including offline learning) effortless, efficient and fun.

Native IOS App

Bring efficiency to your training with the Skylift Aviation native IOS app

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