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Safety Management System (SMS)

Safety Management System (SMS)


Duration: 01:30 hour

Exam: 20 Questions

Available: 90 days


    The goals of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) Training Course are to provide applicants knowledge of safety management concepts and develop their knowledge to accept and oversee the key components of an SMS, including their implementation.



    • Safety policy and objectives
    • Management commitment and responsibility
    • Safety accountabilities 
    • Appointment of key safety personnel
    • Coordination of emergency response planning
    • SMS documentation
    • Safety risk management
    • Hazard identification
    • Safety risk assessment and mitigation
    • Safety assurance
    • Safety performance monitoring and measurement
    • The management of change
    • Continuous improvement of the SMS
    • Safety promotion
    • Training and education
    • Safety communication

    • All Personnel
    • Flight Crew 
    • Cabin Crew
    • Dispatch
    • Continuing Airworthiness
    • Maintenance
    • Management
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